why do you sin?

why do you take your desires over the laws of god?

why do you plot and plan for your mischeivious deeds?

why do you lie and deceive?

why do you ignore what's right and justify what's wrong?

where did i go wrong?

why do you not learn and follow the best example?

why do you not care?

if something is hard for you, please share.

i will fight for you with my tounge and fists.

the cuts on my wrists:

ask you oh sinner why do you sin?

why don't you listen to that voice within?

you are on the wrong path, walking fast,

why don't you look back?

at people who love you, instead of people whom you love?

oh sinner, there is time to change your ways

yearn for your ample reward for obeying your lord.

oh sinner,  your punishment awaits you.

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